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Jambb is building the next revolution in entertainment by putting the control of funding, distribution, and royalties squarely in the hands of creators and their communities. Own your content forever, and enjoy the benefits for life.

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  • Buy access to exclusive media content that's backed by legal rights to distribute and royalties FOR LIFE
  • Rent out the content and perks you own, curate galleries, and build a community of supporters
  • Enjoy exclusive community rewards, creator perks, and airdrops based on your impact
  • Help artists realize their creative vision and earn a stake in future sales
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Non Fungible Jokin' Logo
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Non-Fungible Jokin’ is the world’s first NFT comedy show. Not only will our all-star cast tear up the world of digital ownership, but almost every part of the show will be minted as an NFT and auctioned off for you to own and resell.

This is your chance to own behind-the-scenes footage, IP rights to the show itself, and even the show’s logo! Together, you and Jambb are revolutionizing content production and digital collectibles.

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