A riotous, one-of-a-kind music and comedy experience featuring Hannibal Buress and friends.

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Non Fungible Jokin': Series 1

Non-Fungible Jokin' is the world's first NFT comedy special.

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Jambb ownership is different

Remember when NFTs lacked utility?

Jambb is changing that paradigm by providing you with the possibility of meaningful IP rights to actual content and hiding additional perks in our packs, with an increasing chance of perks as pack quality increases.

Score one? You might have the opportunity to put it on YouTube and sell ad revenue or stitch together your own comedy show. There are many ways to share your content, that is if you choose to share it at all.

Packs with perks

Jambb packs come with all the features and excitement you’re used to with traditional collectibles.

Even better, our packs have the added potential of perks like behind-the-scenes video, backstage secrets, VIP invites to exclusive events, and even the possibility of rights to the underlying content of collectibles you acquire.

That’s right: you might have a chance at real IP rights to the whole shebang.

We use Flow.
It’s greener.

Jambb is good for collectors, good for artists, and better for the environment — that’s no joke.

Our NFTs live on Flow, a proof-of-stake network from Dapper Labs that provides a seamless, eco-friendly experience.